Corporate social responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility policy demonstrates our commitment to conducting our business in a fair, ethical and sustainable way, with respect for our customers, clients, suppliers, employees, communities and the environment.


Our Customers

We offer a complete support package for our customers, working closely with each one to build a realistic and affordable repayment solution that is right for their personal and financial circumstances. We comply fully with all Government and industry regulations and guidelines relating to debt recovery and our customer account associates are all trained to deal with customers sensitively and empathetically.

Our focus is on finding the right outcome for our customers based on their individual circumstances, including:

  • dedicated specially trained teams responsible for dealing with vulnerable customers
  • specialist teams trained to deal with and resolve customer disputes
  • we do not add any additional interest or account maintenance fees
  • dedicated policies and processes to engage with our customers

Complaints Data

In the UK, we report the number of complaints we deal with to the Financial Conduct Authority twice a year. You can see our latest data here.

Our Clients

We carefully consider which sectors we acquire debt from to ensure our clients are as committed to fair customer outcomes. As part of this approach we share insight on portfolios both pre and post-sale. We further welcome visits and audits. With some clients we also have developed bespoke risk-based pricing models and provide a further range of debt recovery options and value added services to suit their specific needs. We conduct regular in-house procedural audits and service updates to ensure continued legislative compliance and fair treatment of customers.

In the interest of our clients and the wider credit industry we contribute to all main UK credit reporting bureaux in accordance with the ‘principles of reciprocity’. Our focus on building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients ensures that relationships are built on shared values and often allows us to add value over and above debt recovery based on an indepth understanding of their business and their customers.


Our Suppliers

We aim to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers that mirror our approach to corporate social responsibility. As part of our due diligence on suppliers we expect to see a clear demonstration of commitment to equal opportunities, good working practices and sustainability.


Our People

Our people are extremely important to us and create the culture that drives our business. Engaged team members work better and are motivated to understand customers’ needs and deliver good customer service. We have a clear commitment to connect, communicate, develop, involve and recognise our team members.

We are an equal opportunities employer and offer above market remuneration, quality linked bonus schemes and annual bonuses. We promote good working practices and conditions.

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

In the UK we are legally required to report information on our Gender Pay Gap. You can find our Gender Pay Gap report for 2017 here



We support our local community, working closely with local schools and other community based organisations to promote learning and development.  In addition we actively encourage our team members to participate in local community volunteering opportunities and work with the Business in Community organisation to facilitate this.

We have a dedicated charity fundraising programme across the UK called Lowell Giving.  The programme is run by a group of volunteers from inside the business and in 2015 raised £35,000 for the chosen charities.  Each year team members nominate a national and two local charities for whom we raise funds. In addition, on an adhoc basis we will also support high profile national charity events.

We also provide corporate support to organisations such as Money Advice Liaison Group and Step Change. 


The Environment

We aim to be a responsible corporate citizen in protecting the environment and believe that we have an important role to play in facilitating the transition to a low carbon, resource-efficient economy.

We aim to improve the efficiency of energy usage, reduce waste and increase recycling. We encourage team members to be environmentally aware and work with suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment. We include pollution prevention and resource conservation opportunities in our business planning and operating decisions to help reduce our impact on the environment.

We are committed to sustainable and quality business practices that include compliance with environmental regulations, advancement of environmental awareness, minimisation of environmental risks, reductions of emissions and waste, and conservation of energy and water.