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Lowell Financial Services GmbH is one of the leading providers of receivables management services, with eleven subsidiaries operating under one umbrella. Receivables volumes in the amount of EUR 16.4bn make us one of Germany's largest financial services providers.

Founded in 1992, Lowell (formerly GFKL) has grown to be a major player in the German market.  We now have over €16.4 billion in claims, 26,000 customers and 9 million dunning letters every single year.

Our success is down to two factors: our specially trained, skilled staff and our intelligent IT systems with highly automated processes. With the latest technology and software, the two become intertwined: powerful software, document management systems and efficient call centres. This way we can guarantee a closed process chain, transparent documentation and customer-specific monitoring

However, it is not only quantity that makes Lowell one of the leading corporations in receivables management. The receivables expert also sets standards in quality: according to Standard & Poor’s, Lowell is among the five best-rated receivables experts in Europe.


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